British Columbian Hip Hop/ Funk artist Mister Waugh has been a solid member of the local music scene since his arrival in 2002. Working as both an emcee and a producer, he has released several assorted projects,  blending together different styles of hip hop, jazz, funk, and reggae. His lyrical content is also just as wide, ranging from high energy tracks, to politics, youth suicide, racism, poverty, the environment, and religion to name but a few.

During his time, he has performed solo on stages all across Canada, selling independently nearly three thousand CD's. He has opened for and toured with some of North America's hottest hip hop groups, including Swollen Members, 2 Live Crew, Winnipeg's Most, Moka Only,  Sweatshop Union, Kia Kadiri, and many others.

Mister Waugh is always committed to producing high quality music that reflects who he is as an artist, as well as high in energy and sound. Always keep your eyes and ears open for more material from this proud Canadian artist.